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Did you know that if your intruder or fire alarm goes off, you can have a pre-recorded message to be sent to a set of contacts including the police? So even if you are away from your home you'll have the peace of mind that in case of intruders, your selected key holders and police will respond to the situation immediately.

  • If you are away for work or on holiday, you can rely on your key holders to take care of the situation

  • Police can be alerted immediately

  • Your home is watched 24/7

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City & Guilds Intruder Alarm

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  • BT Redcare GSM

  • BT Redcare

  • BT Redcare secure

  • Digicom monitoring

  • CCTV systems

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Benefits of using monitored alarms

Our range of remote monitoring alarms

Your existing alarm system is programmed with chosen phone numbers, including the police. When your alarm goes off, your pre-recorded message will be automatically sent to these numbers. Police monitoring systems add another layer to your existing security system, increasing protection considerably. Contact Alarm Masters Ltd, we serve in and around Surrey, Richmond and Twickenham, Also see our product Catalogue.

How do police monitoring systems work?

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