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ANSWER –To protect you & your property from thieves!

A potential burglar will be looking to see if your house is alarmed – if its not he can break-in without a noise to alert your neighbours.

Most break-in’s occur in the afternoon when the burglar assumes that your out at work, school run, or shopping. This is the time when he is least likley to be disturbed as he mingles in with general tradesmen, delivery driver’s, and window cleaners to name but a few.

A burglar that is caught in the daytime can class himself as an oppertunisyt in the eyes of the law, where as a burglar caught at night with a crowbar or other tool is more likley to be charged with “going equiped to commit a robbery” and will be dealt with more hashley.

So why advertise your home to thieves? Installing a burglar alarm will deter intruders from your property, they will move down the road to a house without an alarm, or with an old rusty bellbox that looks like it has not work for a number of years.

An Alarm System can provide you with peace of mind and could help catch them in the act.

Although overall crime figures have fallen, burglary is on the rise. According to the British Crime Survey, there was a 14% increase in burglaries in England and Wales in 2010 compared to 2009. Burglary rates have risen especially in London; a report from the Metropolitan Police shows that there were 1,061 more burglaries in May 2011 than there were in May 2010.

The Crime Survey points out that homes without simple security measures are ‘considerably’ more likely to be burgled.

As well as acting as a deterrent, burglar alarms help to catch intruders and scare them away, providing you with peace of mind.



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